Natural High-grade Magnesia.
From Australia.

A leading supplier of carbonate, calcined, deadburnt and electrofused magnesia products.

QMAG Pty Limited owns one of the world’s largest deposits of cryptocrystalline magnesite, known for the superior characteristics of high reactivity and greater surface area. All downstream magnesia products are manufactured using tightly-controlled, technical processes before being supplied to a variety of global markets including the refractory, chemical, agricultural, environmental and hydrometallurgical sectors.

The Deposits

Ore is mined using an open-pit method then processed into high-quality fused (FM), deadburnt (DBM) and caustic calcined (CCM) magnesia at the nearby Parkhurst production facility.

Major activities

The mining, pre-concentration and beneficiation of magnesite occurs at the Kunwarara deposit, located 65km north of the Central Queensland town of Rockhampton. The graded material is then transported to the Parkhurst production facility, which is located on the outskirts of Rockhampton, for downstream processing.
Finished magnesia products are supplied to customers globally, utilising a wide range of packaging, storage and transport options.

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QMAG Pty Limited
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Phone: +61 7 4920 0200

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QMAG Pty Limited is a member of the Refratechnik group of companies.